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Rome travel guide: Rome travel is a personal Rome travel guide providing travel resources, transport tips and great  self guided walking tours, created for both expert travellers  and visitors new to the beauties of Rome. Rome travel provides tips and resources such as places to visit in Rome, great self guided walking tours and transportation tips.

Rome travel guide: book your holiday apartment

rome-travel-guide---rent-a-modern-apartment-in-RomeEnjoy my fully furnished apartment, just minutes away from Vatican museums and Saint Peter’s. The apartment can host up to 6 non smoking guests. It comes with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms with shower, an equipped kitchen, a dinner room with  pull out chair beds. The apartment in Rome blends, with simple elegance, English style and Scandinavian design for a neat, relaxing, minimal and contemporary outcome, in which everyone will feel pleasantly at home.Find me in Homeaway Visit the apartment homepage

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  • modern-apartment-in-Rome-master bedroom
  • modern-apartment-in-Rome-Vatican Museums
  • modern-apartment-in-Rome-Saint Peter's
  • modern-apartment-in-Rome Saint Peter's and Vatican Museums

Rome travel guide: plan your holiday

Everything you need to know before going Rome is here, just at hand. The object of this site has to serve, being merely that of “a Guide,” to enable the visitor, and particularly one pressed for time, to find, and to visit, the many places of interest, of both ancient and modern Rome, with the least possible difficulty.

Best Apps for wise travelers


Before facing a trip to Rome, my advice is to equip yourselves with some applications for your Smartphone and your Tablet.Read more

Getting around Rome by public transport


Getting around Rome by public transport is simple to the extent that you use the subway, buses may pose some difficulties.Read more

Getting around Rome by taxi


How can I call a taxi in Rome if I do not speak Italian? Can I use an app to call a taxi? Are there taxi night services only for women?Read more

Rome by train


Whether you’re planning to get to Rome by train or you’re thinking of leaving Rome and traveling by train in the rest of Italy, let me offer you some suggestions.Read more

Great walks in Rome


Enjoy a selection of unique self guided walking tours. The itineraries provided are simple, can be combined with each other and will guide you to discover beautiful places in Rome. Read more.

Latest walks in Rome

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A guide with everything you need to know before going Rome
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