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Barberini Palace is a palace in Rome, facing the Piazza Barberini in Rione Trevi. It houses the National Gallery of Ancient Art. Let’s give it a closer look…

Barberini Palace: a close up

Barberini Palace museum - National Gallery of Ancient Art

The Barberini Palace was built under the pontificate of Urban VIII of the Barberini family. lt was begun on the designs of Carlo Borromini and finished in greater part by Bernini. The Barberini Palace is one of the most magnificent, palaces of Rome and contains some fine paintings. On the stairs there are several statues and an antique lion, the frescoes of the great hall by Pietro da Cortona are considered by their invention , finish and execution as the best work of that artist. The subject alluded to is the pontificate of Urban VIII and the triumph of glory expressed by the attributes of the Barberini house.

The painter has divided the ceiling into five compartments, with the Barberini arms in the centre raised to heaven by the virtues in presence of Providence, surrounded by time, eternity and several divinities. The first picture represents Minerva fulminating the giants, the second religion and faith, on the sides pleasure and Silenus, the third justice arid abundance, beneath charity and Hercules killing the Harpies, an allusion to the chastisement of the wicked. In the centre of the fourth, the Church and Prudence, beneath, the forge of Vulcan, and peace closing the temple of Janus. The apartments contain a fine collection of pictures, a portrait by Guido Reni which it is customary to consider as that of Beatrice Cenci, and one of Raffaello said to be the Fornarina.

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National Gallery of Ancient Art in Barberini Palace
Via delle Quattro Fontane, 13

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