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Best places to visit near Rome? Of picturesque villages, towns rich in history and wonders there are hundreds around Rome, the region where the capital is located is rich in history, art and nature.

In this article I would like to suggest you a visit to a tourist and archaeological place that absolutely worths a visit, especially in spring and summer and is also very easy to reach.

If you are looking for best places to visit near Rome, I am sure that you will appreciate this visit of the ruins of the ancient Roman town of Ostia and the beautiful castle of Julius II, also characterized by a tiny village gem (and when I mean tiny I mean it!).

Best places to visit near Rome: Ostia Antica

Best places to visit near Rome: Ostia Antica like Pompeii

It is like Pompeii. The long entrance street, now quite unearthed, is paved with great blocks of lava closely dovetailed into one another, and is lined with the low ruins of small houses and shops, chiefly built of brick, set in opus reticulate. Here and there a tall grey sarcophagus stands erect; but no building remains perfect in the whole of the great town, which once contained eighty thousand inhabitants.

After a time we turn into other and smaller streets, in some of which there are evident remains of pillared porticoes. Ancus Martius was the original founder of Ostia, which then stood upon the sea-shore, and for hundreds of years it was the place where the great Roman expeditions were embarked for the subjugation of the provinces.

Chief among these were the expedition of Scipio Africanus to Spain, and that of Claudius to Britain. It was in the time of Claudius that the town obtained its chief importance. He dearly loved his sea-port, often stayed here, and it was from hence that he was summoned to Rome by the news of the iniquities which led to the death of Messalina.

In his time the sand was already beginning to accumulate at the mouth of the Tiber, and Ostia was soon after ruined, paling before the prosperity of Porto. In consequence of the changes in the mouth of the Tiber, which has no longer the graceful course and the woody banks described by Virgil, it is difficult to ascertain the site of the ancient harbor.

How to get to Ostia Antica excavations

From Piramide, take the metro to Lido di Ostia exit at Ostia Antica train station (it will take around 20 minutes). As soon you are out of the station you’ll see a blue foot bridge in front of you, cross it and keep going straight till you’ll reach a fountain, cross the road in front of it and again keep going straight till the gate of the excavations (less then 2 minutes).

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