Best Rome walking tours

Best Rome walking tours

Best Rome walking tours: for those who love, like me, walking in Rome, I decided to create a selection of my best Rome walking tours (self guided) that will satisfy both the hasty tourist and the accurate visitors, leading to the discovery of wonderful places, often known, sometimes semi unknown and other times completely neglected by the urge to run to the Trevi Fountain, St. Peter’s and the Coliseum. The walks that I created can be safely combined with each other, in fact, not all the journeys take a whole day. You can print the routes and follow them on a map, you can enter them manually into a GPS Navigator (that is the solution which I prefer).

Best Rome walking tours: 1 day in Rome itinerary


This walk invites the curious visitor to discover the Rome’s historical center, touching the most significant monuments like the Spanish Steps, the Pantheon, the area of the Trevi Fountain, Piazza Navona.

Best Rome walking tours: 2 days in Rome itinerary


In case you have only a weekend, you can follow this itinerary, an intense walking tour for serious walkers hungry for beauty. You will visit some of the main monuments of the historic center plus the oldest area of Rome.

Best Rome walking tours: 3 days in Rome itinerary


Three days in Rome are really few and unfortunately you will have a tour de force, however I created a scheme to visit the most beautiful places.

Best Rome walking tours: 4 days in Rome itinerary

Four days in Rome and you will surely enjoy some of the many wonders that the city of Rome clearly offers and discreetly conceals.

Best Rome walking tours: Ancient Appia way 5th day itinerary


The Via Appia, called Regina Viarum by Statius, was begun B.C. 312, by the Censor Appius Claudius, the Blind, “the most illustrious of the great Sabine and Patrician race, of whom he was the most remarkable representative”. It was paved throughout, and during the first part of its course served as a kind of patrician cemetery, being bordered by a magnificent avenue of family tombs. Read more.

Rome a la carte

In the section above I combined some walking tours, on the basis of the planned number of days in Rome but that does not mean that these routes are satisfactory, so you can create your own itinerary by choosing the destination and the areas from the selection below. The half-day tours can be combined with each other.

Best Rome walking tours: half day itineraries

Walks in Rome: morning and afternoon half day walks

These routes have been created as morning or afternoon walks, able to engage and involve the visitor just half a day. You can mix them together to create a tailored walk of one day.

Best Rome walking tours:full day itineraries

Walks in Rome full day itineraries

Four days in Rome and you will surely enjoy some of the many wonders that the city of Rome clearly offers and discreetly conceals.