Best travel apps for a Rome trip

Before facing a trip to Rome, my advice is to equip yourselves with some travel apps for your Smartphone and your Tablet that will make your stay infinitely more comfortable. Some of these applications will be valuable to better understand the bus routes and stops, since in no bus is visually marked the stop’s name. Other applications will be useful to better organize the trip. Following are the best travel apps for a Rome trip.

Probus Rome

Probus Rome is the application for getting around Rome by public transport that will let you know in real time the fastest routes, the waiting time of the bus and the latest news on urban mobility.

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Parkopedia mobile app

Parkopedia mobile app provides comprehensive coverage of all paid and free car parks.

  • Allow you to search using your current location or an address
  • List opening hours, up to date prices, real-time space availability, height restrictions
  • Direct you to car park entrance

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Aroundme is an immediate and convenient app, not just in travel. Once located our position, helps you find supermarkets, pharmacies, bars, cinemas, hospitals, banks and car parks nearby.

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Xe is a valuable currency converter. The use is immediate. If you are not traveling in Europe, a currency converter is definitely convenient to understand how much we are spending and how much we are willing to spend. Available for iPhone, iPad, Blackberry, Android and Windows Phone.

Check the Xe site for the apps.


ForeverMap2: use this app to download maps of your destination country before leaving, without the cost of data roaming.

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MuoviRoma: this is an application that will provide clear directions to any place of the city by bus, metro and underground trains. Write down your address, the destination and the app will show you the line to take and where to get it.

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TripIt is an interesting application for lazy travelers. After becoming TripIt users, all we have to do is sending an email with the data of our flight reservation. We will receive an itinerary full of details on restaurants, attractions, transportation, hotels, etc. The version exists both free and premium.

Check the TripIt website for more.

Free Wifi Roma e Provincia

Free Wifi Roma e Provincia helps finding the hot spots to enjoy the free wifi connection in Rome. The app tells you where you can find the spots and how to reach them.


The Rome Metro – Map and route planner

The Rome Metro – Map and route planner by Zuti makes it easy to travel in and around Rome using the Metro, Trams and Urban rail networks. The map and routing do not require an internet connection and you will not be charged data connection fees.

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Sygic is a premium GPS navigator for Android able to always lead you to your destination without problems. I have personally tested and is an excellent product with excellent maps. It only works with GPS, even without Internet connection.

Check the Sygic site

Google mobile translation tool

Google mobile translation tool: for travelers who visit foreign countries, whose language they do not know, it can be useful to be understood in the most difficult situations. Google mobile translation tool is a valuable, though not perfect, app that can help you read or communicate in up to 90 languages. Discover the Conversation mode, it will be like to have a translator at your side. You may also wish to read the review of Cnet.

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