Best travel apps for rail passengers in Italy

Best travel apps for rail passengers in ItalyWhat are the best train travel apps for rail passengers in Italy? Travelling by train can be practical, comfortable, given that the main tourist destinations, popular with foreign travelers, are all easily reached by train, but how do you know where to get off? What about the train schedules? What about delays and what should you do next? How to find the train leaving for the next destination? The answer is simple. In this article I suggest three apps that will help you organize your train journey in Italy.

Best travel apps for rail passengers in Italy: a close up

Best travel apps for rail passengers in Italy: Orario Treni
Orario Treni is a tool that allows the passenger to search the Italian train schedules in real time. The app includes the following italian trains: – Trenitalia – Trenord – NTV Italo – Sangritana – TPER – SAD – Trentino Trasporti Esercizio – Ferrovie Sud Est – Ferrovie Nord Barese – OBB Italia – TGV Italia – Sistemi Territoriali – Ferrovie Udine-Cividale Main features: – Train Schedule search – Real time delays – Fares – Direct ticket purchase – Train number search – Offline timetable version – Social Sharing of informations between users on trains in circulation – Train stops details

Best travel apps for rail passengers in Italy: Orario treni Pro
The full version includes widgets, notifications, maps and much more. Probably this is the best app for rail passengers, especially the pro version.

Google Play

Best travel apps for rail passengers in Italy: Trenit!
Trenìt! is the most popular app that allows the rail passenger to search for italian train schedules and fares.

Main features: – Search for Trenitalia, italian and Trenord train schedules – Detailed information on the status of the trains (only in the full version) – Overview of all types of tickets available – Sort by price filter – Direct ticket purchase from the train companies – List of all intermediate stations, with arrival time and restart – Map of the trip with the stops – Optimized for tablets (with dual-pane view in landscape) – Ability to share the details of a trip (via email, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.) – Available in multiple languages

Google Play

Best travel apps for rail passengers in Italy: InfoTreno
InfoTreno is an application that allows the rail passenger to quickly visualize the data of the train of interest (stops, delays, etc ..) just writing the number of the train or the stations of origin and destination (or intermediate). The application not only provides train schedules and related stops, but adds to this information any delays, the next stop of the train and the track arrival. Since version 3.0 the passenger can also set an alarm for the wished stop.

Main features: – Train info – State of the train – Stops made – Next stop – Following stops – Magnitude of delay – Arrival track – Search for a specific train from the station of departure to the arrival – Notification in case of any stops removed – Ability to update in real time the current status – Save the latest research – Auto Completion of the main stations and train number search – Display of the screen fares in the train list – Access to the ticket purchase page in the train list – Search for multiple trains – Ability to search for trains with up to 2 changes – Ability to set an alarm for a specific stop (the alarm is updated automatically) – Ability to save the trains as favorite – Supported languages: English, Italian, French The application only works for trains that transit in italian territory.


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