Parking in Rome

Parking in Rome: parking is difficult and uneconomical, for tourists can be useful to know the address of public and private parkings in Rome.

Parking in Rome: a close up

Parking in Rome is not always easy nor cheap when you consider that now the parking fees rose from EUR 1.00 per hour to € 1.50 per hour. Parking is difficult and uneconomical, we can say that again. For tourists can be useful, in case of need, to know the address of public and private parking in the vicinity of the destination to be reached, and also to know in advance the costs charged by these garages. How can you do? Well, I suggest two websites through which you can get exactly the informations that I just mentioned, you just have to indicate the days and times when you need to park the car, the street or the area of your interest and on the map of both sites will be shown garages available, with their addresses and the prices charged.

Parking in Rome near Spanish steps

Parking in Rome Termini