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Free wi-fi zone in Rome: all the informations you need to know about  Free wi-fi zone in Rome

In public places of Rome covered by hot spots RomaWireless, recognizable by special signs, anyone can easily access the network as if it were in their own office or at home. To access the network just go to one of Wi-Fi Zone Roma Wireless with a PC Laptop, Tablet PC, PDA or any other device with a board-certified Wi-Fi or a Wi-Fi system. The network RomaWireless offers two hours of free access per day. Once you reach a coverage area RomaWireless, just open your Internet browser.

Automatically appears in the authentication page. If you have already registered just login to the system to start surfing.

For those who are a new user, you must register for free, then fill out the form in all its fields, providing a valid mobile number.

When you have finished recording, the system will prompt you to make a call within 5 minutes, which is also free of charge, with the phone reported at the time of registration; server checks the validity of the contact and start the user’s connection.

Free wi-fi zone in Rome

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