How to find a public toilet in Rome

Finding a public toilet in Rome is truly an enterprise worthy of praise. There are few bathrooms, often dirty or simply closed. How do we do? Although I am a Roman who lives in Rome have questioned me about it many times.

How to find a public toilet in Rome: follow the habit

The practice offers a solution. (Almost) All bars have a toilet that can be used, by custom who needs a bath, before asking to use it, take a coffee or at least buy something of little value, even if it does not need it.

How to find a public toilet in Rome: head to the fast food

Obviously there are the toilets of fast food restaurant chains. In the city there are many MacDonald, although often cleaning of these baths is not among the best.

How to find a public toilet in Rome: department stores

There are many department stores in Rome, most of these are placed out of reach of tourists. In the city center, however, you will find Coin, Rinascente, OVS, where you will find toilets for visitors. How to find a public toilet in Rome: grab the map map You can use this map to locate the public baths of Rome and save it in your Smartphone or tablet:

Share, copy, print the map or read it on your phone or tablet via Google My Maps app

How to find a public toilet in Rome: download the app

Finally, I suggest that you download and use the app mentioned in my home page, Rome-travel, “WC Roma”, allowing you to identify the public toilets in the city of Rome.

City toilets in Rome- news

Recently there is a new service of city toilet a few steps from the Vatican that promises efficiency and cleanliness.

City toilet near Saint Peter’s