How to spend a rainy day in Rome on Saturday

How to spend a rainy day in Rome on Saturday:When it rains, the Romans spend their time at the cinema, in the shopping malls, at home, but of course these are not appropriate choices for a foreign tourist. What to do if it rains on Saturday? I come up with some solutions that might be useful and interesting to visit Rome under the rain. Get involved by a Roman jewel, be seduced by a triumphant baroque palace, discover new churches and relax in a commercial gallery… Enjoy your (Saturday) rainy day in Rome…

How to spend a rainy day in Rome on Saturday: a close up

Starting point: Piazza Venezia

How to spend a rainy day in Rome on Saturday: Palazzo Valentini

Via IV Novembre, 119/A
Domus romane sotto Palazzo Valentini ( a glimpse of the ancient Rome)

The archaeological remains of ancient Roman houses uncovered beneath Palazzo Valentini are now on permanent display, adding to Rome’s already rich historical and artistic heritage. 3D movies allow to revive environments by providing a sense of what can still be seen in the ruins brought to life by the long work of archaeologists.

Opening times

Wednesday – Monday 9.30 – 18.30 (last visit)
Closed: on Tuesdays and December 25, January 1, May 1
For safety reasons, the entrance is limited
Tickets Adults 12,00 €

How to spend a rainy day in Rome on Saturday: GalleriaColonna

Via della Pilotta, 17
Palazzo Colonna ( a glimpse of the baroque Rome)

This palace, situated at the base of the Quirinal hill, was begun by Martin V Colonna, completed and embellished at different periods by the cardinals and princes of the family; though the exterior is without any architectural decoration it is one of the principal palaces of Rome in extent. The apartments on the ground floor were painted hy Gaspard Poussin, Tempesta , Pomarancio, Allegrini, the Cav. d’ Arpino and others. Galleria Colonna is the triumph of the Roman Baroque. A visit to the gallery is an experience rewarding to the eyes and the soul, at the end there is the opportunity to continue the visit with the apartment of Princess Isabelle, a series of rooms where, among works of great depth and family photos, are traces of the life breathed here in the course of the twentieth century.

Open every saturday from 9 a.m. to 1,15 p.m. (last entrance)
Optional guided tours are included in the ticket:
in ITALIAN at 10 a.m. and 11 a.m.,
in FRENCH at 10,30 a.m.,
in ENGLISH at 12,00 a.m.
Tickets for galleria colonna
Full entrance ticket: 12 euro

Piazza dei Santi Apostoli, 51
Basilica dei SS. XII Apostoli

One of those said to have been built by Constantine. It was restored at various periods and rebuilt by Martin V but at the beginning of last century it was rebuilt in a style of greater taste and magnificence on the designs of Francesco Fontana who preserved the portico, a work of Sixtus IV. The church has three naves divided by Corinthian pilasters which support the roof, in the centre is the triumph of the Franciscan order by Baciccio, the chapels are decorated with marbles and good paintings.

Opening times
07:00am-12:00pm 04:00pm-07:10pm

How to spend a rainy Day in Rome on Saturday : optional ideas for the afternoon

Via dell’Archetto
Via delle Vergini
Via delle Muratte
Via del Corso

How to spend a rainy day in Rome on Saturday: Galleria alberto_sordi_rome

Piazza Colonna
In the middle rises the coclide column erected by the Senate and roman people to Marco Aurelio to commemorate his victories against the Marcomanni; it is formed of 28 pieces of marble covered with bas-relief and it is 30 meters high, the statue of S. Paul on the summit was put there by Sisto V. to replace the former one no longer in existence. By the column we see a fountain supplied with Vergine water erected by Gregorio XII from the design of Della Porta.

Galleria Alberto Sordi (shopping street /mall)

Via del Mortaro, 24
Santa Maria in Via

Opening hours: from September to June
weekdays (Monday-Friday)
7.15 to 12.45 / 16.00 to 20.00
Saturday and before holidays
7.15 to 12.45 / 16.00 to 21.00
8.30 to 13.00 / 16.00 to 22.00

Via del Tritone
Via della Stamperia, 6
Istituto nazionale per la grafica
Free  entrance
Thousands of drawings, prints, matrices, photographs and video art.
The gallery is open from Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 19

Accademia-di-San-Luca in Rome

Piazza dell’Accademia di San Luca 77
Accademia nazionale di San Luca
Free  entrance
The gallery is open from Monday to Saturday from 10 am to 19

End of the rainy day: Piazza Fontana di Trevi