Topic: parking in Rome near Vatican

Parking in Rome near Vatican: Vatican area, being a residential and commercial area, is very busy, finding free parking spaces is very difficult if not impossible, however, I would like to suggest you some ideas for parking in Rome near Vatican which I hope you’ll find useful and precious.

 Parking in Rome near Vatican: Parking Angelo Emo

Parking Angelo Emo is located in via Giuseppe di Bartolo , is free on holidays, can hold up to 120 vehicles, 700 meters away from St. Peter’s Square that is easily accessible on foot or by tram.
Address: Via Giuseppe di Bartolo
Type: free and not monitored

Parking in Rome near Vatican: Parking Cipro

The Parking Cipro is located directly opposite the underground Cipro and this is particularly valuable for moving in town. It is not monitored.
Address: via Angelo Emo
Opening times
Open 06: 00-22: 00
Closed Sunday
Not monitored
For the first 12 consecutive hours:€ 2.00
Up to 16 consecutive hours:€ 3.00
Mode: parking meter

Parking in Rome near Vatican: Parking Prati

The Parking Prati is located under the local market of Piazza dell’Unità
Address: Piazza Unità, 62
The garage respect the following opening hours:
Monday – Saturday from 06:00 to 01:30
Sunday – Public holidays from 06:00 to 11:00 and 18:00 to 01:30
In the period December / January OPEN Sunday lunch break from 06:00 to 01:30
1 hour € 4
Next hour € 3 Next
Daily Maximum € 20

Parking in Rome near Vatican: Parking Mercato Trionfale

Address: Via Tunisi, 80
Each hour or fraction thereof hour € 1.50
maximum daily € 20.00
1 week € 70.00

For tourists can be useful, in case of need, to know the address of public and private parking in the vicinity of the destination to be reached, and also to know in advance the costs charged by these garages. How can you do? Well, I suggest two websites through which you can get exactly the informations mentioned. You just have to set out the days and times a when you need to park the car, the street or the area of your interest and the map will display the available garages, with their addresses and the prices charged.