Rome best area to stay for sightseeing: Trastevere

Which is the Rome best area to stay for sightseeing? This is the crucial question of every tourist, supposing the existence of the perfect place to stay for sightseeing. In this article we will discover together the Trastevere district as a possible area for your stay.

Rome best area to stay for sightseeing: Trastevere, a close up

Trastevere: the borders

Trastevere is the 13th rione of Rome, on the west bank of the Tiber, south of Vatican City. Its name comes from the Latin trans Tiberim, meaning literally “beyond the Tiber”. The correct pronunciation is [trasˈteːvere], with the accent on the second syllable. Its logo is a golden head of a lion on a red background, the meaning of which is uncertain. To the north, Trastevere borders on to the XIV rione, Borgo

Trastevere:a close up

The Trastevere, is the portion of Rome which is most unaltered from mediaeval times, and whose narrow streets are still overlooked by many ancient towers, gothic windows, and curious fragments of sculpture. The inhabitants on this side differ in many respects from those on the other side of the Tiber. They pride themselves upon being born “Trasteverini,” profess to be the direct descendants of the ancient Romans and speak a dialect peculiarly their own.

Trastevere and Rapahel

Raphael is remembered in Trastevere for the beautiful little palace of the Farnesina, which he decorated for the great and generous banker, Agostino Chigi, and for the Fornarina, whose small house with its Gothic window stands near the Septimian gate, where the old Aurelian wall crosses Trastevere and the Lungara to the Tiber. And he has made Trastevere memorable for the endless types of beauty he found there, besides the one well-loved woman, and whom he took as models for his work. He lived at the last, not in the house on the Roman side, which belonged to him but in another, built by Bramante, close to the old Accoramboni Palace, in the Piazza Rusticucci, before Saint Peter’s, and that has been torn down.

Trastevere and Christina, Queen of Sweden

Opposite the Farnesina stands the great Palazzo Corsini, once the habitation of the Riario family, whose history is a catalogue of murders, betrayals, and all possible crimes, and whose only redeeming light in a long history was that splendid and brave Catherine Sforza. In the same palace, for twenty years, lived Christina, Queen of Sweden and here she died, she was, at all, the strangest compound of greatness, heroism, vanity and wickedness.

Trastevere: choosing the area

Tourists who choose Trastevere love the “Romanness” that transpires from every building, every church, every street, there are picturesque views, enchanted atmosphere reminiscent of the city the was once. Walking along the streets of the district, even without a specific goal, it is a pleasure for the eyes and the soul. Scattered along the streets there are small restaurants and nice shops.

There are no subways serving the area but only buses and a tramway. The district is especially recommended to young people and lovers of long walks. The centerpiece of the district is the splendid church of Santa Maria in Trastevere, while the most significant monument is definitely the crypt of Santa Cecilia.

Trastevere: foreign academic institutions

At night, natives and tourists alike flock to its many pubs and restaurants, but much of the original character of Trastevere remains. The area is also home to several foreign academic institutions including The American University of Rome and John Cabot University (both of which are private American universities), the American Academy in Rome, the Rome campus of the Thomas More College of Liberal Arts, the Canadian University of Waterloo School of Architecture (between the months of September and December), and the American Pratt Institute School of Architecture therefore serving as home to an international student body.

Trastevere: travel directions

Trastevere is reached from Fiumicino by train FR1 to Trastevere Station and then tram 8 direction “ Venice” for 4-5 stops. From Termini station by bus “H” for 5 stops or from Piazza Venezia with tram 8 (at night the night bus N8).
Trastevere pdf tram map

Trastevere: take a walk on the pictoresque side of Rome

I suggest you read the itinerary that I created dedicated to the Velabro, the ghetto and Trastevere.

Rome best area to stay for sightseeing: Trastevere, places and restaurants

Places of interest

Bartolomeo in Isola
Santa Cecilia
Santa Maria del Orto
Francesco a Ripa
Santa Maria in Trastevere
Villa Farnesina
Palazzo Corsini
Museo di Roma in Trastevere
Orto botanico di Roma
Spezieria di Santa Maria della Scala

Suggested restaurants

Roma Sparita
Address: Piazza Santa Cecilia 24
Tripadvisor review

Taverna Trilussa
Address: Via del Politeama 23
Tripadvisor review

Osteria Ponte Sisto
Address: Via di Ponte Sisto 80
Tripadvisor review

Ai Bozzi
Address: Piazza Giuditta Tavani Arquati, 107
Tripadvisor review

Rome best area to stay for sightseeing -Monti districtAs for the question about “which is the Rome best area to stay for sightseeing”, Trastevere is an area undoubtedly charming, picturesque, colorful and eventful but imposes the use, almost exclusive, of the tram. It is ideal for visitors young and worldly.

Rome best area to stay for sightseeing: Trastevere district
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