Rome best area to stay for sightseeing: Vatican area

Which is the part of Rome that most visitors wish most to see, or wish first to see? Which is the Rome best area to stay for sightseeing? This is the crucial question of every tourist, supposing the existence of the perfect place to stay for sightseeing. In this article we will discover together the Borgo / Saint Peter’s district as a possible area for your stay.

Rome best area to stay for sightseeing: Vatican area

Borgo, the ‘Suburb’, is one of the largest and most important ancient rioni, for within its limits stand Saint Peter’s, the Vatican, and the Mausoleum of Hadrian, the biggest church, the biggest palace and the biggest tomb in the whole world.

Borgo: the borders

The Borgo is bordered by Vatican City (Saint Peter’s Square) to the west, the Tiber to the east, Prati to the north, the Aurelio district to the southwest and Trastevere to the south. The main roads run east-west and (with the noteworthy exception of the modern Via della Conciliazione) are not named Vie, but Borghi.

Borgo: main attractions

To those who know something of Rome’s great history, the Castle of Sant’ Angelo is the most impressive of all her monuments. Like the Colosseum, it stands out in its round strength alone. The main and most important memories in the rione of Borgo, are the Castle, Saint Peter’s, the Vatican, and those connected with the Holy Office, the hospital and asylum of Santo Spirito.

Borgo: the area

The area of Borgo is amazingly comfortable and livable. Visitors will find here anything they need, especially if they want to be independent in terms of food: supermarkets, local markets, bakers, butchers, greengrocers are very easy to find and there are streets packed with shops too.

There are lots of bus lines heading to the historic centre, the Ottaviano Metro is convenient to instantly reach every part of the city and is just one stop away from the entrance of Piazza del Popolo (Flaminio). Obviously the historic center can be reached by foot along Via Cola di Rienzo full of good quality shops.

Borgo: choosing the area

Visitors choosing Borgo area are mostly interested in St. Peter’s Basilica and in the Vatican Museum, representing the fulcrum around which revolves the entire neighborhood. My advice to the reader who finds himself at a loss in Rome on a wet day, is to take a taxi to St. Peter’s and allow Bramante and Michael Angelo to provide him with shelter and solace. Yes, and perhaps the strains of Corelli and Palestrina may soothe him too. Besides visiting the main attractions, I would suggest to get lost in the old streets of the area immediately behind the Vatican: Borgo Pio and Borgo Vittorio.

Rome best area to stay for sightseeing: Vatican area – restaurants

Suggested restaurants

Tre pupazzi
Type: restaurant
Address: Via Borgo Pio 183
Tripadvisor review

Da Benito e Gilberto al Falco
Address: Via del Falco 19
Type: fish restaurant
Tripadvisor review

Hostaria – Pizzeria Dino & Toni
Address: Via Leone IV, 60
Type: pizza restaurant
Tripadvisor review

Address: Via Federico Cesi 60
Type: street food – club sandwich -tiramisù – white pizza stuffed
Tripadvisor review

Eat’s – Coin
Type: gourmet gastronomy
Address: Via Cola di Rienzo, 173
Open every day
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Type: Organic, gastronomy
Address: Via Giovanni Vitelleschi 38
Closed on Sunday
Tripadvisor review

Rome best area to stay for sightseeing -Monti districtAs for the question about “which is the Rome best area to stay for sightseeing”, i can say that the area bordering St. Peter, the mausoleum of Hadrian and the Vatican Museums is full of attractions and facilities, with commercial activities, immediate connections with the rest of the city and things to do in the foreground. The area of the Borgo is suitable for adult travelers.

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