Rome best area to stay for sightseeing: Monti district

Which is the Rome best area to stay for sightseeing? This is the crucial question of every tourist, supposing the existence of the perfect place to stay for sightseeing. In this article we will discover together the Monti district as a possible area for your stay.

Rome best area to stay for sightseeing: Monti district, a close up

Monti: a close up

Monti is the name of one of the twelve Rioni of Rome. The name literally means mountains in Italian and comes from the fact that the Esquiline and the Viminal Hills, and parts of the Quirinal and the Caelian Hills belonged to this rione. Its logo consists of three green mountains with three tops on a silver background. Today the Esquilino, Castro Pretorio and Celio districts do not belong to it anymore.

Monti: in the Middle age

From the Middle Ages to the beginning of the 19th century, the rione remained an area full of vineyards and market gardens. Monti was not densely populated because of the lack of water and because it was quite far from the Vatican, the center of Christian culture. The area did not become abandoned thanks to the church of San Giovanni in Laterano and the constant high number of pilgrims. Still in the Middle Ages the inhabitants of Monti, called monticiani, developed a strong identity: their Roman dialect was different from that spoken in the other rioni. Their main enemies were the people from the other rione with a strong identity, Trastevere, and they often used to fight with one another.

Monti: hallmarks

The district has two heights. That which is crowned by Santa Maria Maggiore was formerly called Cispius, where Servius Tullius had a palace; that which is occupied by S. Pietro in Vincoli was formerly called Oppius, where Tarquinius Superbus lived. The most important buildings of the Esquiline, in the later republican and in imperial times, were on the slope of the hill behind the Forum, and near the Coliseum, in the fashionable quarter called Carinas, the “rich Carinse”, of which the principal street probably occupied the site of the present Via del Colosseo.

Monti: attractions

The area is rich in churches and basilicas, and there’s Via del Boschetto, the road to Rome with the highest number of restaurants per square meter. There are craft shops, there are gilders, chromers, carpenters, blacksmiths, junk disguised as antique dealers. Here, time seems to stand still. In this neighborhood there are artists, gay friendly locals, painters and art galleries. This area of Rome is perfect for those who have a priority to visit the Imperial Forum and the Coliseum.

Rome best area to stay for sightseeing: Monti district, places and restaurants

Places of interest

Imperial Forum
The Coliseum
Golden House of Nero
S. Pietro in Vincoli
Santa Prassede
Santa Maria Maggiore
San Giovanni in Laterano
San Clemente
Santa Maria Maggiore
San Martino ai Monti
Santa Prassede
San Pietro in Vincoli
Santa Pudenziana

Suggested restaurants

Ai Tre Scalini
Address:Via Panisperna 251
Tripadvisor review

L’Asino d’Oro
Address: Via del Boschetto 73
Tripadvisor review

Colosseo e Cavour

Map of the district

Rome best area to stay for sightseeing -Monti districtThe Monti district is small, picturesque and, in many respects, has maintained the charm of ancient Rome. There are plenty of small shops and the area offers to the visitors the wonders of the Colosseum and the Roman Forum. From this district you can reach the center on foot. Suitable for a visitor young or juvenile.

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Rome best area to stay for sightseeing: Monti district