Calling a taxi in Rome

Calling a  taxi in Rome: in this post you’ll discover how to call a taxi in Rome with the phone number, with an sms or an Android application. Also let me remind you of the existence of different and complementary Rome taxi services such as taxi for women, going back home late at night, the sms taxi, that can be booked with a simple text message, or the “gold” service, that offers a particularly high standard with drivers who speak (or should speak) in English.

Calling a taxi in Rome: a close up

The official vehicles

The official vehicles of the taxi service in Rome are colored white with a taxi led top light display. The Rome city council’s symbol as well as the taxi licence number are both clearly displayed on the car front doors and inside the vehicle (rear doors left). Before commencing the journey, unless the journey is for a fixed fare in which case this does not apply, check that the taximeter is switched on (situated above the dashboard or on the upper section of the windscreen). Should it not be switched on, ask the driver to do so. Always ask for a receipt of payment.

Calling a taxi in Rome with a phone number

Chiama Taxi. The Rome city council provides a telephone service for calling a taxi, simply call 060609. Call and clearly state the street name and building number where you need the cab, and the computer system automatically sends the call to the taxi stand nearest you. The cab driver will then confirm and the caller will receive notice of how long the wait will be.

GOLD taxi service operated by 3570 is a fleet of taxis that are held to a particularly high standard of excellence. The GOLD fleet is required to qualify, respect and maintain a series of technical specifications such as the presence of a point of sales terminal in each vehicle, taxis which are no more than four years old or in perfect working order subject to six-monthly inspections. What are the advantages of using Taxi Gold?You will find your Taxi GOLD driver will be appropriately dressed and will have his ID badge displayed on the dashboard of the taxi. Your driver’s main objectives are to insure politeness and kindness insofar as GOLD drivers follow training courses on the new services offered and on behaviour strategies that lead to complete customer satisfaction.What about the cars? The cars themselves must be in perfect working order, fully air conditioned and with ample space for baggage. The GOLD drivers attend English courses in collaboration with the “LONDON-BUS ENGLISH SCHOOL”, held at the head offices, so they can better understand and provide foreign clients with the best service possible. Moreover, the drivers must always have sufficient money for change, ensure their pos terminal is working correctly for credit and charge card payments, they must not smoke, accompany the client as they enter the taxi including placing any baggage in the boot, the vehicle must be clean and arrival on call outs must be no later than five minutes later than estimated arrival time.What do you need to do to have the Taxi GOLD service?Simply contact the 3570 call center on 06.3570 and ask for a “Taxi GOLD”. Otherwise just write the word “gold” should you wish to book a taxi via SMS TAXI (txt taxi).

Taxi for her night Service operated by 3570. From 01:00 to 05:00 the ladies who want to call a taxi will dial the number 06.3570 traditional and add the number 1 to get the answer from an operator who will transfer the request to the dedicated service. This capability ensures maximum speed of service without any additional charge. In addition, the taxi driver who will race, at the end will be obliged to follow the passenger, with his eyes, up to the entrance in the door.

Calling a taxi in Rome with an Android application

Chiama Taxi Android application.The App for Android “Chiama taxi”, reduces the waiting time and the cost of the service. The client calls the cab from his Smartphone or tablet (running Android), communicates his location via touch, or GPS or with voice recognition, and speak immediately with the nearest taxi, will be able to estimate the time of arrival as well as the wait. The Call Taxi app can be download on smartphones and tablets (currently only for Android).
Rome taxi service app: download

Calling a taxi in Rome with an sms

Sms taxi service operated by 3570 lets you take a 3570 taxi or book a 3570 taxi through your mobile phone, just send a text message. But how? Here are the steps to take:
• compose a message indicating the address where you are, and send it to 366 673 0000 for example, via dei condotti 26 roma (do not enter commas)
• you will receive an sms from the central radio taxi indicating the activation of the taxi research: “È stata attivata la ricerca del taxi. Attenda un SMS di conferma. Grazie”. (That means “You have activated the search of the taxi. Wait a confirmation SMS. Thank You “).
You will receive a second text message in which you are provided with the information relating to the the taxi and the arrival time : “È in arrivo Rovigo 60 in 3 minuti. Grazie”. (That means “It is coming Rovigo 60 in 3 minutes. Thank You”)
In case you have booked a taxi for a day or a different time than sending the SMS, you will receive:
• SMS confirmation of your booking .
• second sms, 10 minutes before the scheduled time, that reminds you of the booking and will refer the initials of the taxi on the way.
What should you need?
• A phone
• The number to send the SMS: 366 673 0000
• The service is immediate, no registration required
• You can decide whether to request an immediate taxi or book a trip
• The innovative service allows you to call a taxi in a very practical and fast way.
How much does SMS TAXI cost? The service is free. The cost is that of sending an sms according to your telephone charges, there are no additional costs.

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