Rome trains

Rome trains: how to travel by train from Rome, info about Rome Termini station, train maps of Rome, Termini car parks, train apps for smartphone and tablet.

Rome trainsIf your doubt is “How to travel by train from Rome”, well the answer is pretty easy, travelling by Rome trains can be easier than you think. In this page, I have condensed a selection of informations that will make your journey by train more simple and straightforward, of course you will find information on the Roma Termini train station, where you can leave your luggage at the station in case yours is an “hit and run “of the city of Rome, you will find, then, the best applications for your train journey and the maps of the train not only of the Lazio region but throughout Italy.

Best apps for a train journey in Italy


If you love the applications and want to keep you up to date, here is a series of apps that will facilitate your journey by train. All are free (with any in-app purchases or also available in the paid version in some cases), feature-rich and definitely useful to avoid unpleasant incidents.
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Train travelling in the Lazio region


For those who have planned to travel by public transport, even outside of the city of Rome, there are 3 tickets called BIRG (one day), BTR (three days), CIRS (seven days), they can be used for unlimited travels in the Region Lazio concerning the zone indicated on ticket.
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Check the railway lines in Italy


Here is a page in Italian with the railway lines of each region, just click on the individual region of the map, that you see on your right in red, to visualize the regional rail lines.
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Buy a train ticket at Trenitalia


The starting point for each information is naturally represented by Trenitalia site. Below you’ll find the links on the official site and of the updated version for mobiles.  Trenitalia mobile

Orient yourself in Termini station

become familiar with Termini station

For those arriving in Rome and those who leave Rome by train, the crucial place is, of course, the Termini station. Find out in advance all you need to know about Termini station.
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Leave your luggage

Rome-left-luggage-serviceFor those who need to store their luggage in Rome, for a short time, there is a convenient Left luggage at the termini train station in Rome.

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Termini car park

Rome-left-luggage-serviceIf you arrive at Termini station by car, you can park at any of the three parking lots that are within close proximity of the station.

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