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Short term stay Rome, let me talk about it, no matter how short the stay, the important thing is not to be groped by a desire to collect the highest quantity of landscapes, monuments, churches and museums but seek rather to focus time and passion on some places and live them. A short term stay in Rome could be the first step in further deepening of travel and knowledge of all the wonderful treasures sprinkled in Rome.

Short term stay Rome: all begins with the arrival.

An arrival in Rome is very different from that in any other town in Europe. It is coming to a place new and yet most familiar, strange and yet so well known. When travellers arrive at other cities, they generally go with a curiosity to know something they don’t really know at all, but when they arrive at Rome and go to the Coliseum, it is to visit an object whose appearance has been familiar to them from childhood, and, long ere it is reached, from the heights of the distant Capitol, they can recognise the well-known form, as regards S. Peter’s, who is not familiar with the aspect of the dome, of the wide-spreading piazza, and the foaming fountains, for long years before they come to gaze upon the reality? It is an indubitable fact: Rome is an amazing city with a unique combination of ancient history, culture, and shopping, as well as many other delights. It is an amazing place to stay but, I have to say, only one short residence at Rome will not be sufficient to make a foreigner acquainted with half of its varied treasures…

Short term stay Rome: do not stop at the surface.

There is one point which cannot be sufficiently impressed upon those who wish to take away more than a mere surface impression of Rome, it is never to see too much, never to try to “do” Rome. Better far to leave half the ruins and nine-tenths of the churches unseen and to see well the rest and it is the same in the galleries, for what can be carried away by those who wander over the whole Vatican at once but a hopeless chaos of marble limbs? At best a nightmare in which Venus and Mercury, Jupiter and Juno, play the principal parts.

Short term stay Rome: if you can’t live here you can come back

One short residence at Rome will be not sufficient to make a foreigner acquainted with all its varied treasures or even, in most cases, that its attractions will become apparent to the passing stranger. “Whoever” said Chateaubriand “has nothing else left in life, should come to live in Rome, here he will find for society a land which will nourish his reflections, walks which will always tell him something new. The stone which crumbles under his feet will speak to him, and even the dust which the wind raises under his footsteps will seem to bear with it something of human grandeur”.

Of course not everyone can afford to change their lives and come to live in Rome, my advice, then, is to live this short stay, not as a marathon, not a binge, but as a first opportunity for knowledge that will be thorough in the course of time. Do not focus on all the monuments, do not plan to visit all the churches, do not be afraid to leave the usual  prepackaged sightseeing and enjoy the time to grow in beauty, culture and history. If you can not live forever in the city, learn to live with this short stay… quietly.

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